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Please come in. Have a drink and sit in one of our comfortable old chairs. Relax for a moment and enjoy the anticipation while we are giving your hat the final touches before you try it on...

What you just read, took place round about 1930 in a hat shop. The Internet was completely unknown and the telephone was something that only few people could afford. To purchase a handcrafted, made to measure hat was also a special event back then. Because the considerably more affordable, mass produced hats were readily available! At any rate, this was something that took much more time and effort.

This may sound strange and perhaps even antiquated. Especially at a time in which hats – more than ever – have become bulk goods and old chairs are bulky waste. However we have dedicated ourselves to the old, traditional way in the art of hatmaking and want to offer our customers the same service, consultation and peace of mind that was common back in the 1930’s.

If you allow us to, we would like to take you back to an almost forgotten but marvelous tradition, the World of hatters. Our hats are not available in different off the rack sizes. Every person is different. Nobody is the same. Neither in looks, nor in character. The same holds true with our hats. We manufacture each individual item per our customer‘s requests. Our hats are more expensive than machine made ones. Please allow us to make the comparison between a department store and a haberdasher. You can, along with thousands of other customers search desperately for an overly busy sales clerk, to help you buy a suit, that exists by the thousands. Or you can go to a haberdasher, who‘s tailor will consult you knowledgeably and show you a variety of materials. Then cut and manufacture a suit for you– according to your requests. A suit, that only exists for you. More expensive yes but unique in quality and craftmanship.

If you like, we will gladly show you the traditional art of hatmaking in our galleries. The path from the coarse rawbody to the elegant Fedora is a long but interesting and fascinating one.
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